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We facilitate numerous programmes and initiatives to end SGBV and inequality.

At the core of everything we do is the sacrosanct mission to free women, children and vulnerable people from violence, abuse and exploitation. We achieve these through series of impactful programs and initiatives.

community sensitisation

We facilitate educational programmes to help women, girls and vulnerable people acquire the requisite skills to thrive economically and escape all forms of economic abuse. 

orphans & vulnerable children CARE

We are first respondents in many communities through our mandated reporters and community gatekeepers. We rescue victims of domestic and sexual violence as well as endangered children and facilitate their placement in government approved shelters and orphanages.

digital advocacy & BIBLIOTHERAPY

One community at a time, we partner up with stakeholders to evangelise about abuse cases like SGBV and bring an end to these deadly scourges across our operating communities .

women empowerment

We do not only foster conversations that promote women’s rights, we also have measures and mechanisms in place to defend those rights and break the vicious circle of abuse and violence against women both at home and in the larger society.

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