DOHS Cares Foundation to Launch Femicide Observatory

DOHS Cares Foundation’s march to criminalize femicide in Nigeria

In a bid to tackle the negative trend of Femicide (an intentional killing of women, primarily  by men with a gender motive, characterized by a history of domestic violence and sexual abuse) in Nigeria, the DOHS Cares for Vulnerable Women and Children Foundation has established a Femicide Observatory to study and monitor the phenomenon, following its campaign and awareness March on the 4th of April 2024.

This initiative aims to gather data on previous records of Violence against Women and constitute a sustainable model for intervention and prevention of Femicide cases in line with the UN Special Rapporteur (Dr. Dubravka Simonovic) on Violence against Women.

Over the past year, the organization has drafted a Bill on Femicide, tracked and analyzed cases of Femicide by collecting data, conducting research, and raising awareness about this pressing issue.

DOHS Cares Foundation’s founder, Ololade Ajayi holding a banner displaying names of femicide victims

The founder of the DOHS Cares Foundation, Ololade Ajayi described the establishment of the DOHS Femicide Observatory as a form of engineering social change by the organization, haven experienced a lot of violence against women and girls’ cases since its inception. She said that Femicide is a crime against life and it should be regarded as a societal problem despite the fact that each case is an individual woman’s tragic story.

In her words, “ It is worrisome that neither the Lagos state Law on protection against Domestic Violence 2007 nor the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act 2015 has a provision for gender motivated killings which is actually a very rampant occurrence in the country’.

“This led to us drafting a bill that criminalizes Femicide which was submitted to the Lagos State House of Assembly”.

The draft contains sections that guides the principles of investigation and prosecution, statutory limitations, procedural legitimacy and restrictions, preventive, precautionary measures, responsibilities of the investigating entity, comprehensive reparation, responsibility of the offender in reparation, and public policy measures of prevention.

It also recommends provision of training and resources for Law Enforcement Officials, Healthcare Providers and Social Workers on how to identify and respond to cases of Femicide and advocates for the establishment of a missing women and girls DNA Bank.

The DOHS Cares for Vulnerable Women and Children Foundation had, earlier in April, led hundreds of Marchers in a two kilometer walk around Lagos state, supported by human rights organization, Het ActieFonds, to create awareness on femicide.

The group was received by three members of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Solomon Bonu, Badagry Constituency I; Adebola Shabi, Lagos Mainland Constituency II; and Abiodun Orekoya, Somolu Constituency I who said that the state is currently reviewing the Protection Against Domestic Violence Law of Lagos State signed into law in 2007 and will definitely consider the newly proposed bill.

Reps members of Lagos State House of Assembly receiving DOHS Cares Foundation’s draft bill on femicide

The DOHS Cares Foundation will partner with feminist groups, government agencies and other civil society organizations working to end gender based violence to promote research on the root causes of Femicide and effective interventions that will ensure prevention of femicide as well as support victims of violence against women and girls with counseling, legal assistance, and economic empowerment programs.

DOHS CARES FOUNDATION’s focus on legal reforms will prioritize the protection of women’s rights and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. The observatory will also work on publishing data on Femicide in Nigeria as well as engage with the media to raise public awareness about Femicide and challenge stereotypes that constitute harmful practices against women and girls.  

In addition, the Organization will provide trauma healing services through the DOHS Podcast, a Bibliotherapy podcast for survivors of sexual and gender based violence as well as project the voices and experiences of marginalized groups, such as women with disabilities who face unique forms of violence and discrimination.

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  1. Omorodion dorcas

    DOHS care foundation is doing a good job. We need more women to lend to voices to put an end to Femicide. Thank you DOHS for exposing the evil called femicide to all and sundry.

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